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Angel Investing Returns Calculator: Optimize Your Investment Strategy

Welcome to AngelGains Angel Investing Returns Calculator! As an angel investor, it’s crucial to understand the potential return on your investments and how different factors can impact your earnings. This calculator helps you estimate the potential return of your investments by considering various parameters, such as investment amount, platform fees, valuation caps, and more. With this information, you can make informed decisions to optimize your investment strategy and maximize your returns.

Our calculator is designed with the following features:

  • Investment Amount ($): Enter the amount you plan to invest in a startup.
  • Platform Fee (%): Include any fees charged by the investment platform you are using.
  • Amount to Raise ($): Specify the total amount the startup aims to raise during the funding round.
  • Post-Money Valuation Cap ($): Input the company’s valuation after the investment has been made.
  • Number of Future Funding Rounds: Indicate the estimated number of additional funding rounds the startup may go through.
  • Average Dilution per Round (%): Include the average percentage of ownership diluted in each funding round.
  • Carry to Lead (%): Input the percentage of profits that will be distributed to the lead investor(s).
  • Estimated Future Valuation ($): Provide an estimate of the company’s future valuation.

Once you’ve input all the necessary information, click “Calculate Potential Return” to see your estimated returns. The calculator will display your total return, the percentage return, and the multiple on your investment.

Remember that investing in startups comes with inherent risks, and these calculations are only estimates. However, this calculator can serve as a valuable tool for assessing potential investments and guiding your decision-making process.

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