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SEO Company in Dubai: The internet has revolutionized our daily lives by making almost every bit of information accessible on a touchscreen. Most businesses know the importance of being searchable on the internet. With today’s competitive playing field, choosing the right SEO Company in Dubai will make or break your business.

SEO in a Nutshell

Most of you have probably read or heard something about SEO. While some would claim that using SEO has become a thing of the past, many businesses have proven otherwise. The practices and techniques might have changed over the years, but the use of SEO in business practices remain.

While spelled out as “search engine optimization”, SEO is more than just about optimizing Google and Bing for your site. Nowadays, the use of SEO also focuses on the quality of the user experience on your website.

In a nutshell, SEO is about increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search results.

You might be thinking, “shouldn’t my website content be enough to attract traffic?”.

On one hand, SEO does involve the production of quality content on your website. But on the other hand, it is also about being visible to users on that coveted first page and Google uses a certain algorithm to do so.

Because no matter how great your stuff might be, it wouldn’t matter if no one can find it.

Investing in Dubai SEO Services

Regardless if your business is still starting out or is already established, investing in SEO is always the right decision. Despite the presence of social media marketing nowadays, SEO remains an indispensable tool in marketing strategies.

With all the online marketing strategies now available at our disposal, why does SEO remain as one of the key strategies?

1. SEO is Customer-Centric

SEO is one example of an inbound marketing strategy.

What is the difference between inbound and outbound? Various sites usually describe inbound marketing as “customer centric” and “ethical”. On the other hand, they describe outbound marketing as “spammy” and “intrusive”.

Some examples of inbound marketing strategies are SEO and blogging. On the other hand, outbound marketing strategies include cold calling, spamming, and intrusive ads. While both types of marketing strategies have their respective advantages and disadvantages, a customer centric approach is always beneficial.

How is this customer-centric approach beneficial?

Because the internet connection is ubiquitous for most parts of the world, most people would usually consult Google for answers. And this is where your investment in the best Dubai SEO comes into play.

Typical user would usually stop scanning on the hits on the first search results page. You want to get your business on that first page because of the search results, not because of a paid ad.

2. SEO is Cost Effective

When done right, you wouldn’t have to pay for ads to get your brand on the top results page.

Going with a great Dubai SEO expert and the production of great content requires some initial investment. But when you think about it, SEO is a marketing strategy that is cost effective in the long term.

Compared to paid internet ads and pay per click marketing, your initial investment on SEO gives you more value for your money. Especially for brands that are just starting out, value for money invested is something to consider.

According to data, each click with the use of the PPC strategy costs around $2 on average. Another thing that marketing experts have found that while ads show above organic search results, it was found that around 7 out of 10 searches results in a click on an organic result.

3. Dubai SEO Services Gets Your Brand Out There

When done right, SEO will get you to the coveted top results. And for up and coming businesses, it’s important to get the word out about your brand. By having a spot on the top results page, it tells users that your brand is reputable and trustworthy. And by getting this impression, the probability of converting users to customers is higher.

Small businesses need to invest in the best SEO services they can find in order to gain significant ground.

And you might be wondering, “Can I really compete against a bigger business than mine?” On the surface level, of course, it would seem that bigger businesses would have an advantage resource-wise. But when used right, SEO levels the playing field for you, even if your business is still starting out!

Using SEO for small businesses will play with a different set of rules compared to big business. But nonetheless, SEO will give you a fighting chance in a very competitive Dubai business playing field.

4. It Attracts New Customers and Retains Existing Ones

SEO is all about improving the users’ experience. One component of this strategy is for experts to help you build user-friendly websites. The user experience is not only about visibility and searchability, but it also includes giving out helpful information to users.

Because there is so much information available on the internet, users will only stick with sites that answer their queries. By answering the needs of these users, it builds within them a sense of trust in your brand. This sense of trust will surely help you attract new customers and retain existing ones.

5. SEO Gives You an Advantage Over Your Competitors in Dubai

Just like you, anyone in any part of the world could decide to become an entrepreneur and start their own business. Imagine if at the time you decided to go into business, another thousand people also had the same idea as yours. So what will set you apart from those other one thousand?

With so much information that could easily be searched online, it’s important to be included on the highest ranking. This is why SEO has continued to become a key online marketing strategy.

Just imagine this scenario: you and another business are offering a certain product. Assuming that everything is the same between the two businesses (ie. quality and price), there should be something that will give you the edge.

Users don’t usually have the luxury of time to canvass different stores for price comparison. This is where SEO becomes critical. Because no matter how good your product and price deals are, customers will almost always believe their Google search results.

Taking a Glimpse of SEO in Dubai

Now that we’ve discussed some of the advantages and benefits of SEO for any business size, what does SEO exactly involve? While we’re not going into much detail about SEO below, it would be a good idea to take a glimpse of it. Below are some general things that are involved in doing SEO:

1. Analysis of the Target Market

Before we do anything else, the analysis gives you an idea of how your website currently ranks on the search engine. This step usually involves assessing your website and how it ranks against competitors especially when Google updates its algorithm from time to time.

From there, initial keywords will be nominated for your priority list. One good tip to keep in mind for this list is to think like your potential customers. What would you put on your Google search right now?

2. Keyword Research and Development

From the initial list of keywords, this will then be further threshed out to determine what users really look for when they go on search engines. Experts advise to look at keywords, phrases, plurals, singulars, and misspellings.

To determine if your keywords and your strategies are doing well, you must first identify a clear set of goals and objectives. In short, define your metrics to determine your ROI. Start clear and simple so that you don’t lose sight of what you are working for.

Another important part of this step is to assess where you are on the search ranks which will serve as your baseline. Getting your baseline will help you in future strategy assessment.

3. Optimizing Content

This is where it gets quite technical.

Content not only involves what are those read on your website, but as well as what happens behind it. When people hear content and SEO, they usually imagine it as placing keywords and phrases strategically on their sites. But it is so much more than that.

Content optimization also involves creating page titles, meta tags, development of sitemaps for search engines. These make it easier for search engines like Google and Bing to find leads to your website.

4. Testing and Measuring

In order to determine if your strategy is working or not, it is important to perform continuous testing and measurement. Like any other method, SEO is not a one-shot deal. Instead, it undergoes continuous monitoring, maintenance, and development.

With the fast-paced development of technology such as the recent Google algorithm update, this step becomes all the more important.

Choose the Right Dubai SEO Company

SEO covers a variety of different methods that various experts offer different strategies. One way of determining which SEO expert to choose is by having a clear set of business objectives. From there, you can now determine which would be the most appropriate SEO company and strategy to go with.

Especially for first timers, SEO might seem like an intimidating marketing strategy and understanding the technical details of SEO would take some time. You need to look for a Dubai SEO consultant who could help simplify everything for you.

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