Top 100 Amazon Searches as of 2020 (Top Amazon Keywords)

The top Amazon searches provide us with deeper insight into the type of user behaviour on one of the highest-grossing e-commerce platform. Online shopping at Amazon is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable activities in any part of the world.

top amazon searches

Amazon now stands at the very top, as a part of the top four technological companies – including Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

Every day hundreds of products are searched and purchased in this online marketplace. It initially started out as a book delivery online retail place. And now has expanded onto other major arenas. This includes electronics, lifestyle products, beauty and makeup, fashion apparels, and so much more!

So in order to understand what marks in this online marketplace, it is important to go through the top searches. This includes top websites like YouTube and search engines like Bing. That is why we have compiled a complete list using Ahrefs.

Here is the comprehensive list of the top Amazon searches as of 2020:

Top Amazon searches  

#KeywordSearch Volume
1nintendo switch1,020,000
5wireless earbuds571,000
7game of thrones518,000
8fire stick506,000
13air fryer456,000
14Bluetooth headphones447,000
16toilet paper422,000
17external hard drive412,000
18instant pot404,000
20micro SD card402,000
21gaming chair392,000
22apple watch388,000
27paper towels357,000
29office chair332,000
30ring doorbell322,000
32weighted blanket319,000
33gift cards for amazon314,000
34water bottle314,000
36HDMI cable306,000
38wireless mouse301,000
39mouse pad299,000
40iPhone charger287,000
41Bluetooth earbuds284,000
42hydro flask282,000
43echo dot277,000
44gaming mouse276,000
45gift card276,000
48Nintendo switch games270,000
49Bluetooth speakers269,000
53aa batteries257,000
54ps4 controller257,000
55wireless headphones257,000
58shower curtain255,000
59amazon gift cards254,000
60the boys253,000
61smart watch249,000
62CBD oil248,000
63kindle fire247,000
64led strip lights247,000
65harry potter246,000
66pop socket243,000
67SD card240,000
69Xbox one controller238,000
70doctor who237,000
72USB c cable236,000
73good omens235,000
74gaming laptop232,000
76prime video231,000
77vacuum cleaner229,000
79iPhone xr cases222,000
80computer desk216,000
81protein powder216,000
83avengers endgame211,000
86shoe rack205,000
87TV stand203,000
88yoga mat203,000
89AAA batteries202,000
90computer monitor202,000
91gaming headset202,000
93dash cam197,000
94gaming pc197,000
96usb hub196,000
98iPhone 11 case195,000

How to check top Amazon searches

There are several methods to check the top Amazon searches of any given time. But only a few of them are actually accurate and easy.

A very useful but not very accurate method is to trick the Amazon search bar on the main page. You can do this by letting the Amazon autocomplete to fill out the search bar. Try going alphabetically, and just write the first letter and see what the top results are.

The first few suggestions will the top Amazon searches under that alphabet or the category you are searching for. You can keep searching like till you get the desired results of the top searches or keywords. However, there is one major problem with this technique.

Most of these auto prompted suggestions actually come from personal algorithms and previous search options. Most of the results are not organically suggested. They are boosted or are the results of internal algorithms of the website.

They are trying to cater to the individual’s personal needs; hence the results may not be one hundred percent accurate.  

How to find results from Amazon searches

The most effective method to find the accurate results from top Amazon search is through – Amazon’s Bestseller’s List. It is updated hourly and lists the top products from every category and subcategory.

Going by today’s lists of the top Amazon searches, we can conclude that the majority of the searches include technology-related products. Electronics of every kind like gaming controllers, mobile phones, headphones and more such products.

Let’s take a deeper look at the top results from the top searches on Amazon in 2020 so far.

1.      Nintendo Switch

Gaming products are all the rage now. Given the broad demographic of the users, it is quite expected that this product is topping the list of the most searched keyword on Amazon.

2.      Laptop

Amazon is one of the most trusted e-marketplaces around the globe. Be it simply just the USA or any other part of the world, everybody’s first choice is the Amazon electronics store while ordering expensive gadgets online. Also, give a huge variety of products and discounts, this product garners a lot of searches on Amazon. Laptops are a quintessential work item. Additionally, much of academician also demands a proper laptop to carry out further work. Hence, it is truly a device with much diverse sense of usage.

3.      AirPods

Airpods are another such a high-quality product that is always in great demand. Amazon offers a wide range of AirPods, with variations in colours and styles. The price point is often discounted, hence making it another product often searched and purchased on Amazon. AirPods are quite a style statement too. Gone are the days of bulky and stringy earphones. This sleek and modern design is loved by all.

4.      Headphones

Headphones are all-time favourites of people around the world. Headphones have multiple uses, and the product catalogue on Amazon provides quite a selection of items. Customers can choose from different brands, price range, with many offers and cashback deals.

5.      Wireless Earbuds

The fifth one of the top searches on Amazon is wireless earbuds. This is a very popular product among the younger generations mainly for the features and higher efficiency of usage. As opposed to highly-priced branded counterparts of this product, several other brands are always there. Amazon provides wonderful deals from these trusted sellers to maximize the customer’s satisfaction through good deals and great products.

Final Thoughts

The top searches on Amazon further prove it to be a number trusted marketplace for electronics, among other things. The quality and the price Amazon offers truly make it a go-to place for users in the USA and also around the world.

Top searches on Amazon really provide an in-depth understanding of the type of customer it attracts and what keywords really work. Interestingly, similar comprehensive insight can be made for other websites too. Top searches on Bing or top keywords on YouTube will give you a much better understanding of what really works around the world. 

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